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- When booking, what is included?

Each package includes party consultation, individual guest Teepees, mattresses, sheets, blankets, décor pillows, bed trays, lanterns, banner/garlands, and themed décor. We will deliver all the items and assemble everything! The packages also include a next day clean-up and collection of all items.

- How much space is needed?

Each teepee fits a twin size mattress. The dimensions of each teepee structure (including mattress) is 3.5 ft x 6.5 ft. We recommend speaking with our team to confirm spacing and what package is right for you!

- How can I enhance my party?

Party add-ons:

  • Themed small favors $7/each

  • Personalized tumbler/cup for guest $15/each 


  • Additional Themed Décor $25 (party of 1-6) $50 (party of 7-10)

  • Additional Themed Pillows $25 (party of 1-6) $50 (party of 7-10)

  • Balloon Toppers- $15 per teepee

  • Balloon Garlands - $30 per teepee

  • Balloon Clusters  - Pricing available upon request


- How are the items cleaned?

  • Linens are all sent out to be professionally laundered and washed in fragrance free detergents after each party.

  • Trays, lanterns, and décor are wiped down and disinfected.


- Do I need to have a power supply available?

The only power supply that will be needed is to blow up the air mattresses!  All twinkle lights and lanterns are battery operated.


- Delivery Fee 

$50 delivery fee applied to all party packages

**Additional travel fee added to anything over 20 miles of zip code 15120**

Anything over 20 miles of zip code 15120 will have an additional travel fee of $0.75 per mile x 4.

Example: A location 35 miles away would have and additional fee of $45.

35-20=15, 15x.75=11.25, 11.25x4=45

(Mileage is calculated by finding the average distance provided by 3 google map routes)

*Any location further than 40 miles from 15120 will be considered by a team member based off of location/availability.


- What do our guests need to bring?

Just a pillow and pajamas!

- What if I need to modify my party package prior to the event?

All event package adjustments are required to be made 2 weeks prior to the event date. More details on this will be included in the terms and conditions form you are sent prior to confirming your party request.

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